This deep and authentic book from Charles A. Farag is the most comprehensive toolbox to achieve personal and professional success.

“Charles' book is a gift to all those who are afraid their past will dictate their future. In an often painful recounting of childhood trauma he gives people the tools to pick another path and transform their lives, as he did.”

Kimothy Walker

CEO, Tiger Lily Marketing

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10 Things This Book Will Do For You

  1.  Ingrain a system of introspection in your everyday life

  2. Learn strategies to face your past and move past it

  3. Create a set of rules and values to live by 

  4. Move past your victim mentality into a victor mentality

  5. Set goals that will take your life to a new dimension

  6. Learn to accept everything that happens in your life

  7. Learn the strategies that turn failures into successes 

  8. Reprogram and jumpstart your mind

  9. Become centred and peaceful

  10. Live your life through your own choices 



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