If there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do us no harm.


Professionals have conquered the self.

Amateurs are conquered by self.

What if I told you that in just 10 months you could rewire your brain for success, elevate your life to a whole other level and achieve the peace and well-being that will last for your lifetime, would you seize the opportunity?

Imagine a future version of yourself where you were no longer held back to achieve all your dreams and live a life of fulfillment and then compare that with a version of yourself today. 



Know Thyself

Face Your Demons

Live By Your Rules

Don't Be A Victim

Create Bigger Than Life Goals

Let Go Of All Judgment

Love To Fail

Reprogram Your Brain

Embody Serenity

Most Things Are A Choice 




"The only things anyone can control are their thoughts and actions. Everything else is just noise."

I have a scar above my right eye, and I don’t know how I got it. It happened before my painful memories began. I do remember the first time the police came to my house and the many other times I was beaten as a child.

I grew into a youth involved in petty crimes and became a bully with addictions and a flagrant disregard for other people.

All that changed when I hit rock bottom and declared bankruptcy. Now, a successful business leader, who promotes authenticity as a first step to overcoming the damage done by adversity, I am sharing the steps I took to rebuild a shattered life and completely change who I was in just a few years.

I am the former Vice President of Vision Marine Technologies, formerly known as the Canadian Electric Boat Company, and on most warm early mornings, I can be found on a golf course enjoying life, rather than being consumed by work.

The man who once saw people as tools to be used for his own purposes now wants to instead give people a toolbox to achieve personal and professional success.

As a new father, I am committed to continuously building a happy relationship with my wife and daughter. I live a clean and extremely healthy life fuelled by a belief that sharing my “hard-knock life” will help others start over.

This book is not an autobiography. It’s a tool for those who want to learn the “Life Laws” that helped a beaten-down little boy achieve success by the age of 30.

It requires tearing apart a previous life and rebuilding something new. As someone who had very little going for him early on, I firmly believe that if I can do it anyone can, with discipline and dedication. I want to teach others how to do that.

You, Greatness is my gift to others who simply want more.

Charles A. Farag



514-476-0303  |

5255 Henri Bourassa O, Suite 225, Montreal, QC H4R 2M6




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